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How Old Do You Need To Be to Get Tattooed?
In the State of Maryland you must be 18 years of age. You must present a valid, state issued photo ID to verify your age before you can be Tattooed.
Does it hurt to get Tattooed?
Of course it does! What you really want to know is HOW MUCH does it hurt. Well, not nearly as much as some people would like you to believe.
Are Tattoos Addictive?
Well, most people do seem to end up getting more than one! And a lot of people feel off-balance with just one Tattoo.
Do you do cosmetic Tattooing?
Generally speaking, no. There are some instances where we have worked on projects relating to skin discoloration and simulation of nipple tissue following breast reconstruction.
Can I be Tattooed in private?
Absolutely. If for any reason you desire privacy while being Tattooed (or if you are being Tattooed in a private area)
Will the colors in my Tattoo fade?
It depends. Some colors are more stable than others – yellow is prone to fading most easily, black the least. But over time, all Tattoo pigments break down and disperse under extreme sun light exposure.
Can I get Tattooed TODAY?
Walk-ins are always welcome and we will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. But it can depend on the availability of our Tattoo Artists and what type of Tattoo you desire to get.
How do I make an appointment to be Tattooed?
New Work. Generally, it is best for you to come into the Studio for a design consultation with one of our Tattoo Artists in advance and to make an appointment.
Do you offer apprenticeships to learn how to Tattoo?
At NextLvl Tattoo & Piercing our Tattoo Artists devote their time exclusively to creating original and custom work for their clientele – and the best in production-style work. There simply isn’t time ...
I heard NextLvl Tattoo & Piercing only does large scale tattoo work, but I only want a small tattoo.
We are expert at Tattooing in all kinds of styles and size projects – from a simple name to a detailed, realistic portrait, from a large Japanese-style backpiece to an original
Can I charge my Tattoo on my credit card?
Absolutely – NextLvl Tattoo & Piercings takes American Express, MasterCard, Visa
How do you hire new Tattoo Artists to work?
Never say never. We always have our eye out for exceptionally talented Tattoo Artists – particularly those with a developed clientele base in the greater Maryland area. Contact Trinity at (202) 907-0218.

Health and Safety -- Is Getting a Tattoo Safe?

Is the equipment sterilized?
All Tattoo equipment and needles used at NextLvl Tattoo are individually packaged and sterilized in a Ritter/Midmark Speedclave 7 – the same type of autoclave used for the sterilization of dental and surgical instruments. We also spore-test our autoclaves every 2 to 3 weeks with an independent OSHA certified laboratory as recommended by the manufacturers to insure that they are still doing a great job at killing bacteria, viruses etc.  The latest spore test results for our autoclave machines are available for inspection in the Studio.
Do you reuse needles?
NEVER. Each Tattoo at Nextlvl Tattoo & Piercing is applied with a new, sterilized needle for each client. Needles are single-use only for each customer and are disposed of as bio-hazardous material after use.
Why is it important to use new needles every time?
Besides being safest, using new needles insures quality of skin penetration, meaning you get a better Tattoo. During the process of Tattooing the repeated punctures in the skin slowly "dull" the sharpness of the needle.  When a needle is blunted, it is more difficult for the pigment to be "pushed" under the skin and there is more trauma to the skin -- which can lead to scaring and heavy scabbing of the Tattoo while it heals, which in turn can result in a loss of pigment and a less than satisfactory Tattoo. In fact, for a larger Tattoo, your Tattoo Artist may use several new needles of different types in completing your tattoo.
Is there any chance I could get an infection from a Tattoo?
There is virtually no risk of infection at all from the Tattoo process itself. All equipment used for Tattooing is individually packaged and sterilized or is single-use, disposable equipment.
Is it possible to be allergic to the Tattoo inks that are used?
Generally, adverse reactions to Tattoo pigments are very, very rare -- but they have been known to occur. If you have a general sensitivity to foreign bodies

Preparing for your Appointment to Get Tattooed. (5 entries)

'Nuf said, right?
If you need to CANCEL . . .
CALL as soon as possible and let the Studio know you can't make your appointment and reschedule. As cool as Tattooing is -- it's still a business from the Tattoo ...
What should I do to prepare for my Tattoo appointment?
Bathe. Seriously. The Artist is working in close proximity to your body – at a minimum you should show up for your appointment clean and, uh – odor-free.
What can I take to help me deal with the pain of getting Tattooed?
Anyone who contemplates undertaking a large-scale tattoo project must deal with the pain involved. Again, we have found that clients have many different methods for doing so – we do offer numbing cream for an additional charge.
What if I feel faint or nauseaus while getting Tattooed?
If you start to feel faint or queasy – tell your Tattoo Artist immediately! Don’t try to tough it out – take a break! While relatively uncommon, it does happen

Will you Tattoo a ______, well, you know, a _______ or a _______?
Possibly – and we have. But any such work requires a direct consultation with a Tattoo Artist to discuss the parameters of your intended project and other special considerations
Can you use “black-light”, “invisible” or “glow-in-the-dark” inks?
While there are such inks available we are not yet convinced of their safety for use and therefore do not use them